About Us

In today’s day & age millennials are credited for being the ones who are out to change the world. Right now, they are at the forefront of the food revolution. Millennials are resorting to online experiences, be it buying day-to-day use products, groceries or trying out at-home services like home cleaning, salon sessions. It was only a matter of time for the Online Food delivery business to gain momentum and the Covid pandemic played a catalyst in creating a spurt to cater to the ever-increasing demand for online food ordering. Consumer preferences saw a complete shift from dine-in to online delivery and this trend is here to stay. What proved to be a disaster for the restaurant industry has been the biggest opportunity for the cloud kitchen business and now having treaded on this path for over a year there's is no immediate reversal of trend in this modern-day trade.

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It was with this thought, that our founders decided to launch their dream project and foray into the world of cloud kitchen restaurants and that is how Swaad Bhavan Hospitality was born. Swaad is a multi-brand cloud kitchen company founded by Deepti & Vijay Sarkale. Our founders had been harbouring a dream to serve affordable food with 5 star quality ingredients to the world right from their college courtship days dating back to 20 years. Deepti Sarkale's strong background in chartered accountancy coupled with Vijay Sarkale's experience across various prominent F&B brands like Chili’s, Pizza Hut, KFC, Indigo Delicatessen, International Lounges and Airport F&B restaurants have only helped build a concept which not only churns out affordable yet quality food but also results in the desired ROI (Return on Investment). Swaad was curated amidst a lot of hard work, turmoil & uncertainty owing to the pandemic. However, the company finally saw it’s first multi-brand delivery kitchen open up in April 2020. Over the past year we’ve grown and now have a total of three cloud kitchens across Mumbai sheltering multiple brands under one roof making it an optimised and hence scalable business model. At Swaad, our goal is to serve fresh & hygienic food that will enrich your palate. We aim to provide comfort food that is flavourful & fresh. Because, good food is not just about finding good experiences but exquisite taste that will leave you wanting more!

What We Stand For

1. Quality-


Fresh &Hygienic Food




No food colours

2. Variety

3. Affordability


Our Mission

"Deliver a range of quality food products at affordable prices with extra care for ALL."

Our Vision

"To be the leading and most admired Indian cloud kitchen company creating WOW! experience for the People."